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Welcome to our online media room. Here, you will find a collection of current and archived articles about Aashraya, and the latest media releases. We encourage you to contact us for in-depth information about our organisation that are present in numerous locations around the country.

We also invite you to contact us for leading Aashraya experts who are available as sources and speakers on a wide variety of topics related to ageing and the aged in India. The Indian Youth Speaks Out: 73% of Indian Youth Admit that Elder Abuse Exists 15 June 2015

Daughter's corner ...

I was skeptical only till I went and saw the place...a neat, spacious and homely abode for the elderlies where they are looked after with compassion and care.allowing them to live with total freedom and enjoy life on their terms.

There are also ample opportunities for recreation, religious, spiritual activities apart from health awareness programmes.

After meeting the residents and members,realised that old age is redefined...its not about getting old ..its about celebrating your golden years in an enjoyable,productive and meaningful way! So proud of my Dad for starting venture!

The smile and satisfaction on the residents' faces keeps my hope and faith in the society going!!

Please help us in serving the society better....