Our Mission

Our Mission

It’s estimated that as many as 8 million people are currently above the age of 80 years. Changing family value system, economic compulsions of the children, neglect and abuse has caused elders to fall through the net of family care. Homes for the Aged are ideal for elderly people who are alone, face health problems, depression and loneliness.

We are actively working as a pressure group and focusing on Elder Rights such as the Right to adequate Health Insurance, Right to Universal Pension and working towards providing elders a society with age appropriate services. In our continuing fight against poverty, isolation and neglect of elders though we have made significant strides, but they are just a drop in the ocean

Work Plan...

  • Provide CARE to elderly people who do not get desired care at home

  • Provide desired support system at their residence

  • Provide suitable counseling to all who are willing to join with us for understanding the principles of ART OF LIVING for leading a peaceful and happy life.

  • To develop a platform where youth and elders may share their views on various issues.